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Window Advertising

Signs Of Life (602-615-3135) is the best source for Window Advertising in Arizona! With more than 20 years in business we are the  sign company that can show you how to use your storefront windows to advertise to your potential customers. We are experts in slogans and designs that will get your cash registers ringing again! Call Mike for a FREE estimate and design service.

The best Window Advertising 


Window Advertising

We have been at this for a long time and pride ourselves at being the best Window Advertising out there! We service individual businesses and corporate accounts as well. One of our accounts, Wendy’s actually tracked the results of the window painting advertising and found that sales increased a minimum of 25%! We have a lot of our happy customers call back to let us know that our hand painted signs are the best Window Advertising they have ever experienced!

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In this economy businesses have to make a way to stand out from the competition and our bright hand painted signs is one way to do just that! When people are driving down the road they have a lot of distractions so unless they have something that draws their attention they will just drive right on by. Again, being in business over 20 years I have had a lot of feed back from my customers on what has worked and what has not. More times than not, the bright hand painted Window Advertising has been the thing that keeps my customers calling back for more!Window painting Tempe Arizona. Signs of Life 300x225 WINDOW ADVERTISING

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